I met a free people.

Maybe misguided

Perhaps perplexed

But definitely not without heart

Drums were their art

And in their song lay their soul

Skin as black as the burning coal

we circled around and like clockwork, when they raised their arms I entered a new time

A new dimesion without any tension

I was slightly shaken

for the Quantum Teller within me had been awakened

I was mesmerised

How they shared their prized nature and welcomed a stranger

I was mesmerised

How the ember flies

subsumes the spirits of silence

and then peacefully dies

They stay for a while

They glow and they dance

They seem everlasting at very first glance

But they cannot stay and their stories convey

A truth about life, tomorrow, today.

One day people are here

And one day they’ll fail to be near

And it’s okay, it doesn’t have to be scary

Just like burning ember, everything’s temporary

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