Here is what you’re going to say to your extroverted friends the next time they call you out

1. You knew who I was when you met me.

I did not introduce a vibe I could not maintain. I did not lie about who I was nor was I dishonest. I was who I am when you decided to enter this friendship so you cannot complain about my desire for solitude or my tendency to sneak into rooms by myself during parties or the fact that the ’do not disturb’ feature is forever enabled. And while your feelings of anger or abandonment are valid and I won’t say they are not, you cannot justify blaming me for how you are feeling now. You must take responsibility for the actions you took that led you to where you are now – upset and angry. You befriended me fully aware of who I was. That was your call.


2. I do not live for you.

Therefore, I will continue to do what makes me happy. I will not be forced to do anything I do not want to do so if I decide I don’t want to pick up your phone calls or if I avoid all your attempts to facetime for the next four weeks, I will do that. Because I don’t feel like talking. And it’s as simple as that.


3. You are free to cut me off.

I understand that my style of friendship is not mainstream or conventional. If you wish to free yourself from me I will not hate you or wish any bad against you. I haven’t kept you imprisoned in any cage like you are attempting to do to me.


4. If you threaten to cut me off, you have cut me off.

Do not threaten me. If you threaten me, the friendship is over effective immediately.


5. I will always be here for you if you need me.

But not everything can be done on your terms. You can’t demand someone to show support in ways they do not.

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