‘Do YouTube Instead’

When I was 13 years old, I started a YouTube channel. I had spent the past 2 years watching Grace Helbig, who was known as DailyGrace then, and iisuperwomanii and I decided I could be an online comedian, too. I think I must have posted two vlogs and one comedic video (and I really have never been funny. Like ever). To be honest, I was really only doing it to boost my confidence but then the confidence came on its own, and I left YouTube behind as fast as I met it. There were other reasons I left it like my editing software crashing, losing footage constantly, my laptop running slowly etc. But there was no urgency – my 13 year old thoughts were messy and I had nothing really to say back then, and even if I did, I certainly couldn’t articulate myself well enough to express it.

With age, my thoughts elevated, and actually, soared higher than my peers. To be honest, I don’t know what those people were thinking but they acted like they had no damn sense so I just went ahead and assumed I was wiser than them LOOOL. I spent more time just thinking than I did anything else. In fact the only thing I did more than think was write but I was writing stories and plays. I made up my mind by the time I was 16 that I wanted to write my thoughts. I started writing silly blog posts just to myself and saving them on my treasured memory stick (I idolised that memory stick, boy). I let nobody read them – they were obscure observations about the society we lived in written in first person and dripping with satire. But I knew I wanted to write by the end of 2017 when my ma’s best friend came to visit from the U.S. and told me that I should come to her when I was ready to start a website. On a side note, I still need to give her a phone call about that but that’s unrelated.

I launched my website in late December 2018, and published my first post on New Years Day. I hadn’t made up my mind how many posts I was going to publish in a time frame but I kind of fell into the rhythm of posting once a week. My following grew slowly, and I got better at the social media advertising stuff. But one thing stayed the same. One thing I haven’t been able to shake since 13-year-old Kyra started ItsKayLogic on YouTube.

“You should start a YouTube channel.”

I don’t know if everyone gets told this kind of thing on a regular basis, in which case I should just shake it off and pay no mind to it. But if this is something that occurs only with a select ‘chosen’ few who were called to make videos online, this begs the question: have I chosen the right platform?

When I was in secondary school, I was told this a little bit. Maybe once every three months and only from those who spoke to me on a daily basis. They knew the way I spoke, the way I thought and the things I thought about. But when I made my thoughts public, it was no longer my close friends telling me these things – it was everyone. It was like sharing my innermost thoughts online opened the floodgates to visual content requests. And I’m realising people are interested in what I have to say but would rather watch visual content. So what does this mean for euphoriasbliss?

Nothing, major. Euphoriasbliss is here to stay and that’s not changing. I am a writer. My pen is my sword; its ink runs through my veins. Will there possibly be a euphoriasbliss YouTube channel one day? It’s more than likely. But I don’t plan to stop writing ever or even film as much as I write. This is for anyone who’s ever been told their passion has no place in modern society: do what makes you happy unapologetically.

The right people will find you. I know there are still people in this world who read or else platforms like WordPress would no longer exist. Those people will stumble upon my website one day when the world’s writers have deserted the writing world to start a YouTube channel or a radio show or a podcast. I’ll still be here, armed with my pen.

Live in Peace,

Kyra-Ann ईबी

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