Power of the Tongue

Last Thursday, I attended Hayley Mulenda‘s The Release, an event that she’s decided to hold every couple of weeks at the University of Kent. I had no idea what I was in for when I accepted the invitation from my friend. In all honesty, it was just something to do, something to keep the fire that had developed inside of me burning a little longer. God had just given me a place in the christian community on my campus and my prayerful life was progressing slowly so it just made sense for me to go. More importantly, one of my good friends, our campuses very own MOG, had told me more than once that he saw God was working in me and he was excited for the day it was released.

I had no idea what he was talking about. I couldn’t feel God working in me; I couldn’t even hear His voice. But when my friend sent me the poster to The Release event, I knew it correlated with what MOG had told me about releasing what God was instilling in me. So, not believing in coincidences but in destiny, I went. First of all, can I just say that the rumours are true: Hayley is an amazing speaker. The message about devoting your whole life to Christ and receiving spiritual fruits literally sent chills down my spine and made me want to give my life to Christ all over again. Have you ever felt like that? Like you’re already born again but you want to be born again AGAIN?

So when she made the altar call, I hesitated as I usually do. The difference was this time I actually went down. And immediately, I felt the spirit of fear and doubt leave me, for I made the step my spirit had been longing for all this time. And then Hayley prophesied over us; each and every one of us. And when she got to me, she said quite a lot but since I was taught in bible study today that premature announcement delays your destiny, I’m only going to mention the one thing she said that is relevant to today’s post. She told me that I will prophesy and minister over many.

One very pointless, very unnecessary piece of information I learned about myself is that I am dominant in introverted thinking (Ti), a cognitive function that essentially means I primarily use internal information to muse as opposed to external data. In simpler terms, I don’t think about the outside world and I live inside my head. I’ve never been one to pay a great deal of attention to others or my surroundings, so when I thought about my spiritual gifts, prophecy was never one that occurred to me. Nevertheless, I claimed it. And since then I’ve been reminding myself daily that I am a prophetess.

But accepting the title is not a little thing o. It comes with huge amounts of responsibility. “For life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit” Proverbs 18:21. The Bible speaks SO MUCH on words and the utter power they have because of the authority God gave us (see Matthew 10:1). But just as I can drive unclean spirits out with my voice, and just as by my words I will be acquitted, by my words I can also be condemned (Matthew 12:37). There are certain phrases I used to say and profanities I used to use that I quickly realised had to go. Innocent things like “I’m so dead” when someone says something funny or “My head is killing me” when you have a head ache; you man realise when we say “My words will not fall to the ground” in church that that accounts for ALL OUR WORDS. ALL OF THEM.

God gives spiritual gifts to those whom He can trust with that kind of power. If you give in to your emotions and impulses; if you start cussing out next man when they provoke you, bare effing and blinding all over the gaff, God is not going to give you a tongue of prophetic declaration. Imagine what would happen if Bunmi was given the ability to heal with her words but she also had a terrible habit of saying negative things out of anger when she’s riled up. And I use a Yoruba name because I know how Nigerians like to cuss. We even joke about how savagery is in our blood. Don’t believe the lie, oga – it is not in our blood. One casual ‘you foolish goat’ from Bunmi, one simple ‘God punish you’ from Tunde: both those regular, everyday disses are a CURSE. A CURSE. Those words CURSE somebody. And so you see, to accept purpose, an instruction must be followed. Obedience must prevail. Lifestyle choices need to be better.

Something gotta change, homie.

The first thing I did was log into my Twitter, scroll back to 2014, and delete every tweet ever where I used profanity or spoke words of negativity. This sounds extra, but I’m planning to be a leader someday. And when that happens, I don’t want things I said in 2014 to come back and contradict my message. But more importantly than that, I’m the type of person that needs to physically do something to represent a non-physical commitment, whether that be mental, emotional or spiritual. To me, deleting all those tweets was like killing my flesh.

Romans 7:18
I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my flesh; for I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.

Romans 8:5
Those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh; but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.

But killing the flesh is not something you can do once and then live your best life. It’s a conscious and daily decision that has to be actively practised. It’s not like after I deleted the tweets, curse words deleted themselves from my vocabulary. Like no. That doesn’t happen. I had to be intentional about it. I’ve made it a habit to verbally apologise every single time I swear or use His name in vain. Every. Single. Time.

And it doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with. It doesn’t matter if Justine thinks it’s not that deep or Bob thinks you’re doing the most. Do the most. Ah ah.

Did God call you to blend in or did He say stand out? Does it not say in Romans 12:2 do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind? Light in the darkness? Salt of the earth? Cool.

And you will receive backlash when you start making these changes. You will. The first thing that happened when I tweeted that I was deleting old tweets was my friend replying to me in contempt. That same friend called me later that day and though he was teasing me, continued to speak negativity in my life. No but IMAGINE THOUGH. IN MY LIFE. IN THIS SAME WORLD WHERE THE DEVIL RUNS AROUND WILLY NILLY DOING UP MADNESS.

When I tell you how I rebuked it. My friends, I did not just say “no”, I said “evil spirit begone”. I don’t play.

But seriously though, don’t play with these things. Your ears are gateways, too. The Bible says guard your heart with all diligence for from it flows the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23). I beg you lot, be careful and be intentional.

Honestly, if I could go back and take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about everyone, I would. But since I can’t do that, instead I will ask the lord to forgive my trespasses and I will oath to produce fruit in keeping with repentance (Matthew 3:8).

Live in Peace,

Kyra-Ann ईबी



MOG – Man of God

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