There comes a time in every student budget trip that all of the partakers of said trip must check the balance of their bank accounts. When that time comes, certain changes are made. For Cora and I, this day came on day three, the day we decided to go for a fancy, aesthetically-pleasing brunch at critically-acclaimed McDonald’s. I would post a picture of the breath-taking meal we indulged in but it might just blow you away so I’ll spare you.

Following our extravagant gallivant to Le Micky D’s, we caught a bus to the Gothic quarter and marvelled at the old architecture.

In the smaller, narrow streets of El Gòtic, there were many little boutiques selling antiques, and traditional hand-held fans selling for over 300 euros.

We accidentally stumbled across the Cathedral of Barcelona which was a reason to stop and take more pictures despite the heat beginning to finish us. We never actually went inside but the image from the outside satisfied us enough. I suppose a more touristy thing to do would have been to get tickets to the indoors of this location but this is the broke student edition of travelling please.

We then walked 20 minutes to Casa Batlló (as I’m writing this post I’m remembering this day and I remember the terrible decision I made to wear heels that made this walk feel like a hike). Once again, we didn’t get a ticket into the inside and to be honest, I didn’t take any nice pictures of the outside either. I’m very useless LOOOL. However, after another 20 minute walk to La Sagrada Familia, the largest church in the world, we found a bench under the shade, rested up a bit, and became Instagram thots once again.

We then caught a bus back to the hotel before realising we were out of water (the bottles provided in the hotel fridge were not free and were definitely not cheap). By this point, I was practically begging Cora to take a break but she insisted so we went, heels in hand, to the nearest convenience store and bought 2 litres of water and a juice carton to keep in the hotel room.

After a well deserved rest, we changed into our swimsuits and went up to the hotel rooftop. The pool was absolutely freezing so a no go but the jacuzzi had us warmed up in seconds. Then we dried up in the sun hoping to perfect our chocolate glow.

Showered, refreshed, and with a face full of makeup, we made our way down (Yes, on foot. No, we had not fully recovered) down to Montjuic Hill. It was a 30 minute walk from the hotel and we actually left the tourist areas quite a bit on the journey, finding ourselves immersed in regular neighbourhoods, which I probably loved more than anything else on this trip. If you do decide to visit Parc de Montjuic and you’re coming from the city centre, I would definitely recommend walking. We specifically went to visit Montjuic for the magic fountain show that takes place around 8 or 9pm (as it says on the website though I’m certain this is based on the time of year and sunset, because when we went in late June, it started at 7pm). At Monjuic, we were lucky enough to find a good (but slightly dangerous) seat on the balcony as all the steps on the stairs were already filled with people at this point.

A group of street performers arrived with their sound system and began their show. They were all very attractive with large amounts of potential but I remember saying to Cora that they needed a new manager to work on their image (and I was more than willing).

Okay, so on euphoriasbliss, we’re all about honesty. I’m going to tell you the brutal truth about Barcelona’s most loved. The show is not that great. It’s beautiful for about 20 seconds and then it’s repetitive, the music becomes a lullaby and all of a sudden you’re wondering whether or not you have enough energy for your evening plans. And hey, you might love it but I don’t personally think it lives up to the hype. Then again, I don’t know what I was really expecting. It is coloured water.

By far, the best experience of this day was the evening. We FINALLY made it to a nightclub and this time we checked for racism and other concerns beforehand (though the guys at security were a little dodgy. And by dodgy I mean they had more attitude than a black girl hungry). By the way, when it says on the website that you’re on the guest list, don’t count on them actually having a list with names; TAKE A SCREENSHOT. We were so lucky for Cora’s paranoia because otherwise we absolutely would have been turned away. When we entered Otto Zutz night club, we genuinely didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

As in the room was stupidly tiny yet empty, the second floor wasn’t open and the music was so dry that it was painful. Cora looked at me and I instantly knew she hated herself for letting me talk her into this. We tolerated it for three hours until 3am when suddenly, the music switched from dead, unknown pop songs to today’s trap and hip hop. And from that moment, the game changed.

And THEN, we detected a group of people just like us. Yes, we found a little drip of pigment within the sea of Spaniards. When I say everything changed from that moment there, do not take it lightly. We somehow just inserted ourselves in their group and spent the rest of the night TURNING UP with these lit strangers. And when the DJ blessed us with a track from London ‘Man’s not hot’, we literally lost it. As in, all cool was lost. That was the first time we realised they were also British.

At 5am, when the party was starting to slow down, we exchanged numbers with the group who we found out were from either Manchester or Birmingham (I genuinely can’t remember for the life of me) and were invited to come with them to a club called Shoko the next night. We deffo knew we had no intention of going because this one night alone had taken all the energy out of us but we accepted the offer with grace and left. Can I just say, the fact that these people were 100% in their mid-20s and yet, newly 18-year-old us couldn’t handle the party lifestyle is killing me.

Anyway, to wrap up the night, we took the main road home, though it added another 10 minutes to the walk, and eventually, fell into bed at around 6am. Ladies, if you are clubbing in small groups or even in large groups, please arrange for a taxi to take you back to your hotel after but if you can’t, definitely don’t walk through the inner streets because that is asking for trouble. And on that note, this was day three of my first adult trip abroad. Thank you for reading and

Live in Peace,

Kyra-Ann ईबी

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