Plato’s Cave

Our lover is an unconventional man
Gentle – a voice of thunder that sings birds to sleep
And nurtures the weak
Inside of us.
Profound – a man of many pages and each one is divine poetry
Written by a siren that lures her to the ocean’s treasure
And me to the ocean’s feet
Our lover is spiritual – so much so that the awakening inside of him opened our eyes wide
Mine opened wider
Hers opened sooner
Our lover is my lover says the shadows on the walls of the back of this cave that I’m chained to
Our lover doesn’t exist outside
Our lover is her lover flesh-to-flesh
Our lover is mine in my mind.


3 thoughts on “Plato’s Cave

  1. I’ve only read one post and I’m already in love with your poetic soul and your stream of consciousness writing. So beautiful. Thank you for putting your authentic self out there for us to celebrate. Follow my blog of you feel that it would resonate with you! Looking forward to reading more! 💕


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