The summer that follows graduating from further education is, without a doubt, the best summer of your life and everybody can back me on that. You finish A-levels, or whatever exams you took last, and the realisation sets in that for the first time since the age of three, you’re free of education or responsibilities for the next three months, and to top it off, you’re legally an adult. The window of opportunity opens right then and there. Festivals, concerts, summer placements, holidays, volunteering abroad, summer camp – the list is endless.

In my sixth form, the leavers tradition was a holiday – lads on tour in Zante, girls acting up in Ibiza. Being a middle-aged woman in the body of a teenager, my interests lay in neither of these options. Luckily, I have exquisite taste in friends. My friend Cora had similar ideas when it came to holidays. We wanted something mature, cultured but still with good night life. Hello? What says all of that like Barcelona?

A beautiful view from the walls of Park Guell

One thing all my fellow eczema victims need to remember is that at many airports, you can’t take liquids over 100ml unless it has the prescription with your name taped onto it. I didn’t know this but luckily, I had taken small empty containers just in case and was able to squeeze my steroid creams into those.

On the other side, Cora and I were separated at border control. Be prepared for this if you’re travelling within the EU as an EU citizen with a non-EU passport holder. It wasn’t and isn’t a big deal but if it’s your first time travelling without adults, just keep this in mind. You don’t want to be surprised.

We bought our T10 travel cards which were 10.20 euros for 10 public transport journeys. We used our first journey to get to our hotel in the city centre which was a beautiful but affordable Sunotel Club. We then caught the bus to the beach.


From Snapchat

We wanted to experience the World Cup like a local so we scoured the place for a bar with a massive TV and cheap drinks. We eventually found a place on the beach filled to the brim with people, and we ordered mojitos.

And like typical digital influencers slash Instagram models slash self-absorbed teenage girls, we took pictures of each other in cute streets. But that’s already on my Instagram. So let me not take away from the pure beauty of my surroundings for once and insert this picture that doesn’t even do the beautiful cobbled streets justice.

Mid-game we stripped down into our swimsuits and (big surprise) took more pictures on the beach. This time, I have no shame.

We didn’t actually get in the water, both of us being tired and jet-lagged. So we caught the bus back to our hotel and called it a night. And that concludes the first day of our 4 day girls trip. My pictures are of average quality and I’m far more of a writer than a photographer but don’t you worry; I’m sure our personal photographer is out there somewhere.

Live in Peace,

Kyra-Ann ईबी

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